Enhance Your Business With New Lighting

Contact a commercial electrician in Sims and Wilson, NC and the surrounding area

Your business should catch your customers' attention. Let your customers see your business in a whole new light. Prostar Services Inc will install new lighting in your space. A trained electrical contractor will work with you to transform your business in Sims or Wilson, North Carolina.

Our team will provide you with a free estimate to get you started. Call us today to speak to an electrical contractor about your project. We've been guaranteeing all our work since we opened in 2007.

Why you should consider LED bulbs for your business

When you speak to a commercial electrician at Prostar Services, you'll discuss the type of lights you want to install in your business facility. You can hire us to install LED lights, which have a lot of noteworthy benefits. LED bulbs will reduce your energy costs by:

  • Using less energy
  • Lasting longer than traditional bulbs
  • Producing less heat in your building

Speak to a commercial electrician in Sims, North Carolina today by calling 252-285-4050.